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Spring and Summer Programs: 2022

After School Clubs – Online and In-Person

School Break Camps – Online and In-Person

Summer Camps – Online and In-Person

Register At Hex West – 2911 Broadway

Register At Hex East – 1462 1st Avenue

Our kids’ programs focus on neurodevelopment by having fun, developing and articulating strategies for problem solving and through the interactive process of socialization! Kids learn how to think ‘moves ahead,’ anticipating an opponent’s reaction, and developing good sportsmanship through cooperative and competitive play.

  • After School Clubs (ASC) are fun-filled and educational clubs that explore strategic thinking using board and card games. ASC are designed to encourage and allow beginner through experienced players.
  • We arrange groups and games by age, category, skill and/or subject.
  • We spend one week playing a new game, which involves instruction, consideration of “methods of approach” and strategies for game play. The second week is designed to allow participants to have a more in-depth experience by revisiting and reviewing the games, and exploring various strategies and novel problem solving skills. We then move on to a new set of games, in another two week series, through to the end of the session.
  • School break camps take place when NYC public schools have either half- or full-day breaks (e.g., holidays, parent-teacher conferences). Our programs run from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM, with half-day and full-day registrations available. We also have early drop-off (8:30) and late pickup options (until 6:00 PM). Lunch is included in our full-day program and snacks are provided for all campers. Our School Break Camps are based in our after school model of neurodevelopment and mirror our summer camp days.
  • Summer Camp is truly a unique and interactive experience where kids explore, design and create board and card games. Our campers are challenged to solve novel problems presented through analog game experiences and are encouraged to test their intellectual and interpersonal limits. Morning sessions cover Game Exploration and Creative Game Design and Mechanics Workshops. Afternoon sessions involve Role-Playing Games (RPGs), Tournament-style play and more Game Exploration (if desired). Registrations are for full-day or half-day, full week or single day, sign ups. Lunch is included in full-day registration and snacks are provided for all campers. Following lunch, all campers head outside to our neighborhood parks and get some physical activity. We offer early drop-off (8:30 AM) and late-pickup options (6:00 PM).

As always, your children’s safety is our absolute priority, and we will be instituting a variety of measures designed to promote the health and well-being of every in-person attendee. In particular, we will be:

  1. Taking temperatures prior to entering the store. Anyone with a temperature
    (campers and staff) above 100 degrees will not be permitted in. We ask that you check your child’s temperature prior to leaving your household.
  2. Social distancing will be enforced at and between tables. We will also be
    reducing the number of people allowed in the store so that social distancing can be enforced. Chairs and tables will be sanitized between uses.
  3. Handwashing will be mandatory for campers and staff upon entry and at regular intervals. We will provide gloves and masks for campers and staff that don’t bring them.

Registration is now live for in-person and online programs. 

Our hybrid model allows students to attend fully in-person, fully online or to alternate between online days and in-person days.  The ultimate goal is to build connections and community by allowing them to play games and see their friends while keeping everyone safe.

We also recognize the financial hardship many of you are facing, and we want to support our Hex families in any way we can. To that end, we have reduced the price of our programs. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns regarding financial hardship and our programs.

If you do need further financial assistance, please contact us at or We want to see every one of our Hex students return and we’re happy to do everything we can to help make that happen! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know, and no matter what, we’re looking forward to another school year with our incredible Hex community.

Register At Hex West – 2911 Broadway

Register At Hex East – 1462 1st Avenue